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About US

The Church:

Life Community Church was founded 13 years ago by Pastors Tim and Harriet Blevins. Since the foundation of LifeCC was laid, Tim has always made worship a priority which has created a vibrant and passionate culture of worship in a church that seeks to declare who God is.

The Team:

CITYONE is a collective of worship leaders and song writers based out of Life Community Church in Wilmington, NC.  With no shortage of ambition and vision, Jared Evans came on staff in 2015 as the Worship Director. He saw something incredibly unique amongst the band. A complexity of wholeness; a community of musicians void of personal agendas, full of passion, humility and unity with one another. CITYONE is the beautiful reflection of the hearts of each band member.

The Mission:

We exist for the sole purpose of unifying the church through a contagious sound and pointing them to our creator with one heart and one voice. 


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